Live Resin 2 Gram Disposable

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The purpose of live resin is to add all the minor cannabanoids back into the vape by using a solventless process of freezing the harvest to keep the acidic minor cannabanoids in-tact. Doing this will preserve the terpenes of the plant to give a natural flavor and odor as well. What makes this product special is the fact that we can offer strain specific vapes that will actually give you the affects and flavors you would expext from the natural plant rather than a flavor that's lab created to mimic a strain while not offering any of the affects you would expect from the plant in it's flower form.

We also use 100% natural cannabis derrieved terpenes that are strain specific to taste and smell just like you would expect from the strain profile that you are buying based on it's natural plant form. (They will be labeled as CDT)

Some of our vapes offer fun flavors that taste great, can be more discreet, or honestly just preffered by some of us. We still pack these flavors with live resin for all the madicinal benifets, they will just be paired with a tastey flavor that you can enjoy without worrying what others smell from your pen! (They will be labeled without CDT)

.3% THC